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WordPress is a website building tool for Content Management Systems, blogs and custom web applications. It is built on technologies like PHP, mySQL, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Html. WordPress is the most used CMS system on the planet today and it powers more than 35% of the entire web which means most websites are built on the WordPress platform.

Easy to learn

This website is an example of a WordPress website. I simply love WordPress because it’s so easy to learn and to develop a site in WordPress you do not need to know any programming languages. I really enjoy developing WordPress websites it’s a real joyful and fun experience.



WordPress is very versatile, you can build any kind of web application with it. For any kind of special functionality you need you just install a plugin. There are hundreds and thousands of plugins to choose from. Most plugin basic functionality is free to use. You have to pay if you want to use advanced features of a plugin. Advanced programmers can develop their own plugins or customise an existing one.


Look and feel

You can develop stunning looking websites with WordPress just by selecting a desired template that has the look and feel pre-designed. You get tons of free templates and the there are also commercial templates that offer more features that can really make your website stand out from the crowd. If you’re a programmer you can develop and design your own theme or customise an existing one.



WordPress integrates a blogging system for you to post information and release things like your latest news, articles, products, services, events and special offers, etc. You can assign each post to categories and also assign tags. It’s really fun to have your own blog to be able to write about various topics that interest you. People can subscribe to your blog and become your followers to receive your posts via email. It feels so good when your follower writes a positive comment on your blog. vs .org

Now, there are two ways of hosting and setting up your WordPress website. makes it easy for you to setup your blog and get up and running in no time. To assign your custom domain and install plugins you need to sign up for a paid plan. I used initially for my charity’s website (nature’s spirit) and had a paid plan costing me about R4500 per year to host which was very expensive for me because I had to pay that full amount at once cause they bill you for an annual subscription only.

Only after a few years, I came across and realised I can host my WordPress website at my host of choice for much cheaper and I could install plugins for free. They also call this a self hosted WordPress site. Now, I only pay R39 per month for my website to be hosted and Im very happy indeed.


WordPress Training

If you would like to learn WordPress the easy and fun way, we now offer WordPress training courses at Paarl Web Academy. You will learn from my mistakes and learn the best tips and tricks I’ve come across since my first WordPress site a couple of years ago. Please click here for more information: WordPress Course.


WordPress Development

If you are looking to hire an expert WordPress developer to build your website then you came to the right place. We’ve got the skills to develop any kind of website you require. Please see our web development page or get in touch with us for a custom quote here: contact us.

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