Computer Technician Course

Computer Technician Course R4 500 2 weeks

This course is suitable for you if you want to become a computer technician and want to study for the A+ exams to become a certified A+ technician.


You will learn how to do the following:

  • .Assemble computers
  • Learn Hardware components
  • Installing Operating Systems
  • Diagnose and repair Hardware problems
  • Diagnose and repair Software problems
  • Upgrade computers
  • Setup networks
  • Sell computers and parts

Ready to get started?

Clint Samaai


Clint is a certified Microsoft A+ technician and N+ engineer and has working experience in the IT field for more than 15 years.

Free Computer Technician Courses

We also offer our courses for free based on availability and on certain qualifying criteria for those who can’t afford our courses. Do you have something for us or are willing to do us a service in return? Contact us if you are interested.

Cheap Computer Technician Courses

Our cheap computer technician courses are designed for those who cannot afford our full course prices. We can tailor our courses according to what you can afford. Contact us to apply.

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